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Since 1998, D.M. Electric and Sons has built a solid foundation based on customer satisfaction. This satisfaction comes from quality electrical service that our highly skilled team provides to commercial and residential customers. Our reputable service consists of not only satisfying every customers electrical needs but truly caring about the work completed, making an electrical problem easy for the customer to deal with and knowing you can count on us in the future.

Our goal is to continue to satisfy customers in need of any electrical work and to remain their electrician from here on and after. Ways in which we accomplish this is focusing on building relationships with our customers based on trust, reliability, familiarity, friendliness and professionalism.

Our priority is to continue developing our customer relations and working networks. D.M. Electric’s production and reputation exists from great customers referring our services to others. When you need us, we are there for you. We help you find a better and less expensive way of getting the job done. We aim to help you save time and money.

The reason our prices are competitive is because of our skill and ability to work fast together. Since we have a younger aged team and have all been working together for many years, our efficiency is at its best. This means it takes us less time to complete the job - resulting in lower costs. Therefore it costs us less so we can charge you less. Also the large volume of materials that we purchase creates our material costs to be less which enables us to have such a successful pricing strategy Please call us if you are in need of any electrical work as we would enjoy and appreciate the opportunity of working together with you.

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Dennis McIver - President

Entrepreneur and Owner Dennis McIver is a Master Electrician
and has been involved in electrical service for over 15 years.
Dennis, a native of the lakes region area, started D.M. Electric
in 1998 after a strategic decision to follow his lifelong dream.
He is well known around the area and has created an exceptionally well trained, respected, and team orientated company.

Dennis has always practiced precision electrical work and allows nothing else. Dennis states: "D.M. Electric has shown an average 30% growth increase each year in the last four years. This is from having the greatest electrical team around and by treating the customer fairly, friendly, and going the extra mile for them. Maintaining a great reputation with quality work and customer service has helped the success of this company. And I can't thank all of our customers and contractors enough for giving this company a chance and truly supporting D.M. Electric's mission and vision. Thank you for being great enduring customers."



Ryan McIver, Field Manager:
Ryan is the oldest of the McIver sons. He has been working with the company for 7 years. His experience and knowledge is a very valuable asset to the company. He is currently working towards his Master Electrician License. He currently resides in Sweden, Maine with his wife and 2 children and their dog Riley. When not working in the field you can find Ryan on the golf course, or on the trails four wheeling.


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